Monday, September 29, 2014

Kumomi Tiles

We had the most wonderful class on Sunday, taught by Lisa Lee of Inchie Arts.  Lisa was teaching the Kumomi method, which is a creative process developed by Karen Elaine Parsons.  Per Karen Elaine, "Kumomi is a creative process which combines the randomness of spontaneous painting with the control of meditative drawing as an art form.  you don't need to be artistic to receive the benefits of Kumomi."  "Kumomi is the combination of Japanese characters for 'cloud' and 'to see' so it essentially means 'cloud gazing."

We even had some beautiful, meditative music to listen to while we worked.  We began with Splash Inks, and using a palette to mix our colors, we painted onto 4" Artboard Squares from Inchie Arts.  Everyone's work was different, and I noticed that I tended to leave a lot more white space than some.  I think that was because I knew that the second part of the exercise was pattern drawing within the white space.  I enjoyed the process immensely, and I plan to make a lot more of these.

Lisa said that the tile that we liked the least in the beginning would probably end up being our favorite at the end.  That was good news, because hm.

Here's my first one, and I really like how it turned out.  Those of you who know me will not be surprised at these colors.

Supplies used:
Splash Inks
4" Artboard squares from Inchie Arts
Copic Multiliner .03 pen
Copic Sketch 100 Black
Watercolor brushes 06 & 08

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