Friday, August 2, 2013

Zen Keyboard

First of all, three things to tell you:  One is that Art 'n Soul's first ever Featured Artist, Sherry Barello has started her own blog.  Please check it out, and visit often.  Her work is amazing!  Click here to visit, and be sure to bookmark.

Art 'n Soul customers, please be sure to visit us this weekend for our monthly Recycled Rubber event!  It will be the biggest one ever, and it will be super fun.  Lots and lots of fantastic bargains to be had, so come early!

Please check out the post I did yesterday about the August Magenta challenge.  Just do a project using one or more Magenta product, with the theme "Garden Party".  Click over to the Magenta blog to link to a picture of your project, and you have a chance to win a cool prize.  It's easy and fun!

OK, here is my newest Zentangled project:
I work a lot at my desk where my laptop usually resides, and since my laptop normally sits open, my work often ends up ON my laptop keyboard.  I'm constantly cleaning adhesive, inks, paint, etc. off my keyboard.  I remarked to my hubby that I really need something to protect my laptop keyboard, but I wanted to leave the trackpad open.  The next day, I found that he had cut this perfect piece of illustration board, and left it for me on top of my keyboard!  After thanking him profusely, the next thing I thought was "what a nice, large, open area, that really, really, needs to be Zentangled!"  Here is the keyboard in question.

 Here is the illustration board cover that my hubby cut for me.  the trackpad is showing so that I can still scroll and click, even when the cover is on.

Here is the progression.  I worked on it for 4 evenings, a few hours at a time.  I don't really time myself when I'm Zentangling; how long it takes seems so not the point.

Evening one

Evening two

Evening three
 I just had a little left to do for the last evening.  This project was SO much fun.  This is the finished piece.

Evening four

A few closeups

If you're thinking that now I need something to protect my Zentangled board, I'm all over it!  I can just flip it over!


  1. That is fantastic!! Hubby had a neat idea and you took it to the next level with your beautiful artistic work!! You are amazing! TFS!

  2. I am soooooo impressed! You really are working 'outside of the box' now what with this project, your sons bike, the bag...Watch out, I'm rubbing off on you. next you'll be doing a pillow or???
    Great job! you are my inspiration.

  3. WOW! you are so creative. your work, if you call it work, is amazing.

  4. Husband on the Pedestal again! Jim certainly came up with a winner here! Love the board cover . . . next you'll be coloring it in? Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. you and hubby are both amazing!!!!!!!!!!


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