Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Zen Pumpkin

Last year I saw a video by Suzanne McNeill, CZT, where she Zentangled on a foam pumpkin.  She made it look so effortless and fun!  Well, I went out and bought foam pumpkins, but then I never did Zentangle on them.  Last night I decided it was time, so I got one out.  Suzanne used Sharpie paint pens, which contain an oil based paint.  Here are some pictures of my efforts.  It's really not as easy as it looked when Suzanne did it!

By Dianne Johnson

You can definitely see that the lines are far from perfect, but I didn't care - it was a lot of fun to do!  Drawing on a curved surface was a lot harder than drawing on a flat one!  Every once in a while, my pen would just go off on it's own and the lines would not be what I had planned.

By Dianne Johnson

Although the paint pen that I used is the smaller one that is available, it is still has a bullet point tip, which is much thicker than the Micron 01 that I'm used to.  With that being the case, some patterns are better than others to use.  

By Dianne Johnson

I ended up coloring in some lines where my pen just veered off!

By Dianne Johnson

Wherever the oil based paint dried, it acted like a "speed bump" to my pen.  The pen would hit it and come to a screeching halt and then jump over the painted place.

By Dianne Johnson

I even did the bottom, because you KNOW people are going to pick it up to look at it!

In spite of it being more difficult to do, there was such joy in doing this, and I actually love how it turned out.  You should definitely try it!  I chose a white pumpkin and a black pen to do first, but I also have a black pumpkin and white pen, and I'm going to do that next.

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  1. Dianne,
    I think you did an amazing job on your pumpkin!


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