Friday, January 30, 2015

Pico Embellisher Inlay

In conjunction with the Art 'n Soul Newsletter Technique of the week, here is a step by step tutorial of this fun technique called Pico Embellisher Inlay.  

I am definitely a fan of the Irresistible Pico Embellishers.  This product is a water-based pigment in a fine line applicator, that when dry, acts as a dimensional resist.  The applicator bottles come with a wire that fits into the tiny metal dispensing tube, and keeps the tube from clogging.  When using this product, it's a good idea to keep a piece of scrap paper on hand.  Shake the bottles well to be sure that the pigment is well mixed.  When you first start to dispense the product, do it onto the scrap paper, so that you can get out any air bubbles that result from shaking the product.  When the product starts through the tube, it should go smoothly.  If you stop and then start again, always start on the scrap paper first.

For this inlay project, I wanted to apply the Irresistible product into the open places in a die cut.  I chose a Memory Box Die, the Floral Heart (98776), and the Neon colors of Pico Embellishers:  Electric Pink, Electric Blue, Electric Purple, and also the metallic Gold.

1.  I took a pre-made A2 card made from a red shimmer cardstock, and cut the die out of the top center of the card.

2.  I covered the back of some white cardstock with Stick-It double sided adhesive, and cut the heart out of this as well.

3.  I set aside the red die cut, and lined the insides of the red card with white cardstock, cut slightly smaller than the card.  The white covered the opening left by die cutting the heart out of the red card.

4.  I took the release paper off of the white die cut, 

and pieced it into the opening that was left in the red card, 

burnishing it down well onto the white piece that covered the opening.  

5.  Working with one color at a time, I filled each open space in the die cut with the Pico product.  It really did not take very long to fill all the spaces.

Testing the product on a scrap piece of paper to be sure the air bubbles were out

6.  One of my favorite Magenta sentiments "Thanks for Touching My Heart" (07.731.I) was added at the bottom in Versamark, and embossed with White Diamond. 

This particular die cut had a lot of open spaces to fill, but you may have other dies that have less.  The Pico Embellishers work well at dressing up die cuts.  I hope you give this technique a try!

Magenta Stamp Used:  07.731.I  Thanks for Touching My Heart
Memory Box Die Floral Heart 98776
Pico Embellishers Used:
Electric Pink, Electric Blue, Electric Purple, and also the metallic Gold
Other Materials Used:
White Diamond Embossing Powder by Judikins
Stick It double Sided Adhesive


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