Saturday, December 5, 2015

Magenta Newsletter

My project is featured in this week's Magenta newsletter, and I wanted to share it with you. You can view another post of this technique here. If you want to receive future editions of the Magenta Newsletter, you can sign up on their blog here. (There is a button to click under "Newsletter") Enjoy!

Backgrounds with Recycled Paper Towels
by Dianne Jonhson - DT Magenta

I love to play with Nuance, and when I do, I make lots of background cards at once. Recently I was making some backgrounds for Christmas cards, and I was cleaning up after each one with a paper towel.


You will need:
White cardstock 
Glue Stick
Paper Towel
And Magenta's Nuance Powder:


1- Since it had lots of lovely Nuance colors on it, this paper towel was just too pretty to throw away.
3- You will then have 2 lovely pieces of paper towel to work with.

2- Paper towels usually have 2 plys. When your paper towel is dry, separate the plys by pulling them apart carefully.

4- Apply glue stick adhesive to a piece of cardstock.

5- Carefully place one of your paper towel pieces onto the prepared cardstock, and smooth it down.

7- Repeat Steps 4-6 with your second piece of paper towel. You now have 2 beautiful pieces of cardstock to use as you wish on a card.
6- Use a brayer to flatten the paper towel to the cardstock. This will smooth it further, and make sure that it adheres to the adhesive.


 Voilà! Happy creation!

Dianne Jonhson - DT Magenta


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