Thursday, October 9, 2014

Magenta October 2014 Supplement

A brand new Magenta supplement is out with lots of fabulous new stamps!  I'm so thrilled, because I have some stamp designs in this supplement.  This is a dream come true for me, especially since Magenta is such a class act.

Here are my new stamps.  The Happy Birthday stamp is a joint effort with Valérie Dumais of Magenta.  It's the third and final in a series of multilingual sentiments that I'm particularly excited about, because they contain languages that mean a lot to me.  English (my native language) French (Magenta's native language), Icelandic (for my new friends and relatives), Spanish (close to my heart), Dutch (4 of Magenta's design team are from the Netherlands), Japanese (I grew up in Tokyo), and Russian (the second highest readership on my blog after the US).   The tangled stamps came out of an idea hatched through my wonderful customers at the shop.  Everyone knows that I will try to teach Zentangle to anyone who will listen.  Some people love it, and some people say..."well, I do like it; I love how it looks, but I don't want to do it...don't you have a stamp?"  Now we do, and I hope you love them as much as we do!

Available in wood or cling
Here's the other two Multilingual stamps.  You've seen these on cards on my blog.

Available in wood or cling

Here's the full supplement.  Please check it out.  There are a lot of fabulous stamps in here, and also some exciting new template designs.  

A beautiful sample card was made for the heart stamp by Hélène Métivier.  Here are the cards I did for the supplement.

Zendoodle Poinsettia 44.012.L
Joyeux Noël  07.780.G

ZenDoodle Poinsettia 44.012.L
Merry Christmas 07.779.G

Doodle Ornaments 44.013.Q
Joyeux Noël  07.780.G

Multilingual Happy Birthday  07.907.L


  1. Dianne, your work is beautiful and I am so happy that we work together on project fun like stamps...

    1. Thanks so much Helene, and working with you is always wonderful! xoxo


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