Friday, October 3, 2014

Organizational Tip: Storing Your Background and Cover a Card Stamps

In conjunction with the Art 'n Soul newsletter this week, I wanted to do a post to show how I organize my background and Cover a Card stamps.

I used to store my background and Cover a Card stamps in the packaging they came in, and hanging up.  (Cover a Card stamps are large 6x6 background stamps from Impression Obsession, and yes, I do love them).  I found I wasn't using them very much because of the hassle of getting them in and out of their packaging and putting them away.  

I actually got this tip from Marj Marion, who stores her larger stamps in a much more practical way.  I was at her studio one day, and she showed me her Cover a Card stamps in a container, WITHOUT THEIR PACKAGING *GASP*.  When I saw how easy it was to pull these stamps out and use them, I was sold, so I went home and pulled all of mine out of their sleeves and found some great boxes to put them in.  

The boxes I use are from the Container Store.  I think they were originally designed to store CDs or DVDs.  I took chipboard and cut it to a little larger than the stamps, and printed the name and number of the stamp at the top.  Then I stamped the chipboard with the stamp to show what the stamp looks like full size.  To accomplish this (and yes, I have a LOT of these stamps), I found it easiest to lay my stamp on the table, rubber side up, and ink it up.  Then I put the chipboard onto the stamp, held it down and smoothed all parts of the chipboard, so that it made contact with all parts of the stamp.  

Eventually, Marj turned me on to a tool called a Red Baren, which helps this process.  This is a tool with a handle and a flat round side.  It makes it much easier to press your cardstock or chipboard onto your stamp, when you are stamping this way. 

I have three of these boxes, and I file the stamps in alphabetical order.  Another way would be to file them by subject, such as put all of the Holiday ones together, etc.  Since I'm so familiar with the stamps, this way works for me.


While I had my ink and stamp out, I also stamped a tag, so that I could have a smaller, quick reference of what stamps are in the box.  These tags are held together on a ring, and are attached to the box, but can be removed and taken with me if I need it for reference.


  1. Wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing. From Laura P

  2. you're inspiring me to do the same thing, altho I must admit mine are still in their cellophane packaging and all I have to do is the stamping part (chipboard and tag). always grateful for your wonderful organizing ideas.

  3. So glad you posted this. All my other stamps are stored but not these large background clings. Perfect for keeping them separated!


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