Friday, October 24, 2014

Zen Maple Leaf

Lynell and Wayne Harlow of Dreamweaver Stencils were recently at Art 'n Soul for our annual Christmas party, and to conduct classes.  Wayne is a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher), so attending his workshop was top on my list, as well as taking a class from Lynell, who has pioneered many of the stenciling techniques we use today.  I attended two of these very wonderful workshops (one stencil and one "Stentangle"), and here is one of the projects I worked on in class.

The stencil used is Dreamweaver LL3044, and the center leaf was pasted with Dreamweaver gold embossing paste. Color was added on top with alcohol ink.  The clouds were made using the Dreamweaver Picasso tool, stencil brush and Distress Ink.  I tangled the gold leaf with a black 01 Micron pen, and the other leaves with a brown 01 Micron.


  1. I just love the colors Dianne selected for the leaves. I also really enjoy seeing her Zentangles as they are remarkable. Glad I am able to learn techniques from her.


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