Thursday, March 5, 2015

Zen Egg

My friends Kerri and Tamera brought me a wood tree to tangle on last year, and I had it at Art 'n Soul for a while.  This year, they brought me a very large white plastic egg, that was about a foot high, and about 8" wide at the wide end.  I spent an evening and the better part of a day working on it off and on.  Debbie Gaetz, who has the blog, kindly photographed the egg, which now resides on the Zentangle table at Art 'n Soul  I thought I would post these for you to see.

And the top

I used an Identipen (permanent ink pen from Sakura) and also a Sharpie Extra Fine Oil Based paint pen, both in black.  I really like the classic black and white look best.  The Sharpie paint pen was slightly more challenging in that it took longer to dry and I had to be careful to keep my hand out of what I had already drawn.  I liked it better though, because it made a finer line than the Identipen.  The Identipen was perfect for areas that needed to be colored in.  Another challenge is that the egg was...well...egg shaped, and also slippery to hold.  I had a lot of fun doing it though, and it made me itch for another tangle project.


  1. LOVE IT!!! Gorgeous project very chic in black and white!

  2. egg-cellent work! (couldn't resist!). it really is a work of art and I hope everyone comes to Art 'n Soul to see it.

  3. WOW - Dianne, that is just stunning! Puts my one attempt to shame and then some. What's your next challenging surface to work on? From Laura Pervier

    1. Thanks Laura! You know, it just takes a little practice - you can do it! I don't know what the next thing will be...probably something else will fall into my lap crying out to be tangled. ;-)


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