Friday, October 23, 2015

Technique of the Week: Paper Towel Stamping

I love my creative friends, I honestly do. This technique is courtesy of my friend Eion. You know how much I love to use paper towels in my craft; well, Eion took this and ran with it. He was "playing around with ink" one night, and he wanted to stamp certain shapes that he didn't have. He rolled up paper towels into little stumps and inked them up and stamped with them! I love it!

Take a fairly thin strip of paper towel - maybe about 2.5" wide. Fold it on both long sides so that you have 2 smooth edges, and then roll it up. When you've rolled it all the way up, tape it so that it doesn't come unrolled. I made two different sizes for this card.

Ink up one of the ends of your roll, and stamp with it. Your stamping will look a little like a rose or cabbage rose. Love it! He also showed me that if you fold your paper towel into a small square, and ink a corner, you can make what look like distant hills or mountains. I used this folding to simulate leaves in the flower clusters.

I loved this, and I hope that you will give it a try. My stampings are a little heavy handed, and I think a light touch is more interesting.

Here is a bonus tip for you: If you get ink on your mat, and then get it on the front of your card when you are putting it together....ahem...and I never do this! But if you DO, you can clean it up with a touch of bleach.  All of you who came to the Christmas Party know that I keep a couple of water brushes with bleach in them (100% bleach), and this can work wonders. Not too much, just a light touch. A few well placed sequins don't hurt anything either!

Magenta Stamp Used:
Anyone Who Keeps the Ability-Kafka Quote 07.590.J
Anyone Who Keeps the Ability 07.590.J

Other Products Used:
Distress Ink:
Picked Raspberry
Worn Lipstick
Mowed Lawn
So Silk Beauty Pink paper


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