Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Abandoned Art

Have you ever heard of Abandoned Art? You make a piece of art and leave it in a public place with the idea that a person who likes it will find it and take it home. It's such a great idea! I recently found out that someone I know - a friend of a friend - Gabriele Dunbar, has been stamping rocks with the small Zen Sunflower Bird stamp that I designed for Magenta, and then painting them. She has been leaving these in parks as Abandoned Art, and she sent one to me.

by Gabriele Dunbar
Isn't it the cutest thing? I felt so honored to have my image used in this way, and Gabriele does such a great job with them. Thank you Gabriele, and I love, love, love this!

This is so cool that it makes me want to do some Abandoned Art as well. If you try, be sure that whatever medium you use will be able to withstand the elements where you leave your art!

44.021.H Zen Sunflower Bird Small


  1. This is the coolest idea ever!!

  2. What a wonderful idea! Also, it truly is a honor for you to have your image on these random gifts. I love it when I hear "good" stories like this!

  3. This is so adorable. I painted a snowman rock today and I love how it came out but don't want to part with it. lol


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